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Fmrje: Live on 11.11.11


Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble: Fmrje Sextet Live (feat. Forbes Graham, Hilary Noble, David Warren, Dennis Warren & Jose Arroyo)



Fmrje: Live On Stageit @ Fmrje Factory



Quantum Trio Sessions 1, 2, 3, 5

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Quantum Trio: Quantum Trio Live @ Zumix


Full Metal Revolutionary Power Trio CD

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Chris Chalfant-piano & Dennis Warren-drums

new'd music" CD


Chris Chalfant & Dennis Warren: New

Spontaneous eruptions and intersections of explosive avant-jazz free improvisation at its finest.


Recording on CD Baby !: Quantum Jazz Music Suites


Dennis Warren\

Where the Quantum Uncertainty Principle is the sonic foundation phenomena of fmrje. Proclaimed by each ensemble member's SuperString music quanta shaping the fmrje sound.

Each musician sonic exploration meets on the uncertainty principle's ever potential vibrating foundation. No fear of the unknown - we are sonic explorers who's urgency is based "on the now via music".

This cd artistic pursuit with Quantum energy was recorded digitally on February 16, 2008 at Mindtree Studios, Somerville. MA USA ; Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Engineer Chris Adler CD Mixing occurred over several months with mastering completing in May 2008.

Forbes Graham-trumpet, Jim Hobbs-alto sax, Hilary Noble-tenor sax/congas, Tor Snyder-electric guitar, David Warren-electric bass,

Jose Arroyo-congas, Dennis Warren-drums/timbales

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In 2013, the summation of FMRJE's musicianship amounts to more than a century of drumming and ensemble improvisations

with all the quantum time drum power !

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"The key to humanity is in this music! The war of revenge and hatred must end. Improvisation is the art of the 21st Century. Improvisation contains the science of evolution and the natural chaos of the universe with all its potential. This music demonstrates our ancient roots and our future communications, swirling through our biochemical spheres and igniting our souls for the hope of love in humanity."

Dennis Warren

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harmolodic programmes is an ongoing collaborative project

about and a testament to harmolodic experience/expression

in sound <> music <> vibration and life

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Exploring the Quantum perspective /The Uncertainty Principle in / via music

A 21st Century Perspective  by Dennis Warren


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